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  • How do I care for the quilt?
    The quilt has not been washed. Suggested care: Wash in cold gentle cycle with a couple of color catches in the first wash. Line dry or dry on low. Cotton batting is used and will shrink after washing- this will create a softening of the quilt and puckering of the fabric. This is normal.
  • What if I want to hang the quilt on the wall?
    Please let me know if you want me to attach a sleeve to the back of the quilt. A dowel can then be inserted into the sleeve and the dowel is placed on the nails in the wall thus preventing having to insert any small nails into the quilt fabric itself. Quilts can also be framed and hung.
  • What material do you use?
    100% premium cotton, minky and/or flannel from a non-smoking home.
  • What kinds of quilts do you make?
    Baby Quilts - Great for a baby shower gift to match nursery theme and colors! Holiday Quilts - One of a kind holiday quilts to create special holiday memories. T-Shirt Quilts - Preserve those special memories that are currently stored away Memory Quilts - Create a custom quilt from those special baby clothes that you have saved or from favorite dress or Hawaiian shirts. Partially completed Quilts or squares - Let’s talk about what can be done to finish these projects so you can enjoy them.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    I work with a shipping site to get the best possible pricing for shipping based on weight of quilt and zip code. I can provide an estimate. If you happen to be local (Livermore, Pleasanton area) you can drop off your quilt in person. Once I've finished quilting, I will obtain a shipping quote and add it to your invoice. When the invoice is paid, I will return your treasured quilt to you with tracking number and insurance coverage of up to $100.
  • What is your return policy?
    I accept returns on pre-made quilts. Please contact me within 14 days and ship item back to me within 30 days of delivery. No return on custom quilts.
  • How much does it cost to quilt my top?
    My specialty is all-over edge to edge quilting, which means that the same pattern will be repeated over the entire quilt. This is accomplished with my computerized long arm machine, meaning the pattern will be beautifully exectued with perfectly round circles and the pointiest of points! Please note that I ONLY do edge to edge quilting. Almost all of my patterns are charged at 0.3 cents per square inch. Only a few of them cost a bit more due to their compexity. So, for example, if you had a quilt that measured 60" x 72" (a great lap size) you would figure out the cost as follows: 60x72=4,320 square inches x .03 = $129.60 There is a minimum charge of $60 for any quilt you submit.
  • What about the Pantograph and what is that? What choices do I have for my Pantograph design?
    A Pantograph is a continuous line design that allow me to quilt an edge-to-edge design that covers the entire quilt top. I can quilt just about any pattern that you would like. I have a library of pantographs that I already own, but if you would like to use a pattern that is not in my library, I will bill you $10 towards the purchase of that pattern. I encourage you to find the pantograph of your dreams! Pantograph Options.docx If you would like to search the Internet for your perfect pantograph, here are some great places to start: Urban Elementz Intelligent Quilting Willow Leaf Studio Longarm League
  • What about Batting?
    As a convenience to my clients, I sell batting at an additional cost that comes on a roll that is 96" wide. Purchasing your batting through me is fast and easy, is competitively priced, and will save on your shipping costs when you send your quilts to me. I stock Elegant Blend 80/20 and sell for $5/foot. I am happy to purchase other types of batting (bamboo, wool, 100% cotton etc) just let me know. Having a hard time choosing between different types of batting? Here's some info that might help you choose: Wool: If you are looking for a quilt with maximum "poofiness" this is the one for you. Made from Merino wool fibers which are carded and cross-lapped, the result is a thick yet light batting that will make your quilting stand out. Wool can be washed and dried on a low setting without shrinkage. Bamboo: Made from a renewable resource, this batting has a lovely drape and is very soft. It holds up well to repeated washes. 100% cotton: What can we say, cotton is a classic! If you're looking for the heirloom "crinkle", this is your best option! 80/20: Cotton blended with 20% polyester adds a bit of durability for those quilts that will get a lot of use and washing. This is a great choice for a kid's quilt or picnic quilt. You are always welcome to send along your own high-quality batting with your quilt top and backing.
  • What do I need to do before I drop my quilt in the mail or bring it to your studio?
    Thank you for thinking ahead! If you want great results from your longarm experience, there are a few critical things you can do: * Press the top well * Clip any loose threads that you see * Mark the top of the quilt with a piece of masking/painters tape * Fold it on the bias in order to reduce wrinkles. Lay the quilt on a flat surface. Fold the lower right corner up toward the center of the quilt making sure the fold is on the bias. Then fold the lower left corner up toward the center of the quilt making sure the fold is on the bias. Fold the top left corner down toward the center of the quilt making sure the folds in on the bias. Finally fold the top right corner toward the center of the quilt. Your quilt should now look like an envelope. To fit in a mailing box, fold the quilt envelope up on itself parallel to previous fold lines. (See pictures on How to fold a quilt on the bias).
  • how big does my backing have to be?
    In order for the long arm to work its magic, the backing should be at least 4 " bigger than your quilt top on all four sides. This means that if you have a 60" x 72" quilt top, your backing should be at least 68"x80". If your backing is directional, please also mark its top with a piece of tape. That way, everything will line up as you had hoped.
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